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The Library IT team is responsible for and provides a number of technology services within the University of Oklahoma Libraries. These various service offerings include support and management of devices, software, events, meeting and conference rooms, and other specialized technologies utilized by OU Libraries personnel and patrons. Additionally, the team manages the on-premises IT infrastructure for OU Libraries, and works to ensure the security of its systems and data.

This unit works with the Digital Strategies & Innovation division of University Libraries as outlined in an MOU with the campus Information Technology department.

Full Time Team Members:
Eric Zemke, IT Strategist

General Information

Statistics and Impact

OU Libraries use academic sprints to map out quarterly projects based on the libraries’ strategic plan. Each project is approved by the Dean and the senior leadership team and designed to support the libraries core services and mission. Library IT staff serve on matrixed teams as experts in library technology and work collaboratively to implement these projects. Their contributions require an understanding of library systems, workflows, physical and virtual infrastructure, as well as secure access to accounts.