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Digital Strategies & Innovation team furthers the libraries’ mission by providing technical leadership for major initiatives including repositories, the virtual library experience, and access to online research tools for teaching and learning. This division also supports campus researchers by offering expertise and partnerships in data management plans, informatics, researcher workflows, Digital Humanities, digitization, 3D services, and digital preservation.

This division is led by the Associate Dean for Digital Strategies & Innovation, Jessica Davila.

General Information

Division Leadership Team

Jessica Davila, Associate Dean, Digital Strategies and Innovation

Danica Leslie, Sr. Director, Library Technology Operations

Tyler Pearson, Director, Digital Scholarship and Data Services

Barb Laufersweiler, Director, Digital Collections and Digitization

Notable Initiatives

Publications & Presentations

  • Camp, Twila, Barbara Laufersweiler, and Sarah Robbins. 2018. “Using Pre-Project Planning to Manage Workload” in Alice Daugherty, Samantha Schmehl Hines (ed.), Project Management in the Library Workplace (Advances in Library Administration and Organization, Volume 38), Emerald Publishing, pages 1-18.
  • Eli S. Bridge, Jay Wilhelm, Meelyn M. Pandit, Alexander Moreno, Claire M. Curry, Tyler D. Pearson, Darren S. Proppe, Charles Holwerda, John M. Eadie, Tez F. Stair, Ami C. Olson, Bruce E. Lyon, Carrie L. Branch, Angela M. Pitera, Dovid Kozlovsky, Benjamin R. Sonnenberg, Vladimir V. Pravosudov, and Jessica E. Ruyle. ​An Arduino-Based RFID Platform for Animal Research. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, Front. Ecol. Evol., 10 July 2019.
  • ​Watson, Jennifer and ​Cari Roberts. 2020. Beyond the usual suspects: A case study in choosing an inventory control system. The Journal of Academic Librarianship


Library News Stories

Cross-Team Initiatives

  • OU Libraries Introduces Digitization on Demand to Improve Access to OU Theses and Dissertations

Cloud Infrastructure & Development

  • Citizen Science

​Data Services Unit​

  • Supporting Campus Research with Data Carpentry
  • ​Supporting Campus Research Through Data Services
  • Providing a Collaborative Environment to Support Research Excellence
  • Meet the Experts: Mark Laufersweiler
  • Nightmare on Research Street: The Beginning
  • Strengthening Skills & Capabilities
  • OU Libraries Presents Software Carpentry to the Library of Congress

Discovery & Application Development

  • Beyond Books: Making Museum Artifacts Searchable
  • Search by Braille
  • Increasing Access to Native American Languages

Digital Collections & Digitization

  • Supporting Student Research: Digitizing OSLEP History
  • ​Improving Accessibility: Digitization and Transcription


  • Creating Champions: Information Specialists Help Students Create an App
  • Meet the Experts with OU Libraries Data Analytics, Visualization, & Informatics Syndicate

Library Technology Platforms

  • New Assistive Technology Computer in Bizzell Memorial Library
  • OU Libraries Navapp

Web Services

  • Introducing Bizzy
  • Galileo's World