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Jonathan Stalling

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Chinese Literature Translation Archives

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Jonathan Stalling, the Curator of the Chinese Literature Translation Collection at the University ofOklahoma Library and is also an Associate Professor of English Literature with a focus on Modern-Contemporary American and East-West poetry, Comparative Literature, and Translation Studies. Dr. Stalling is also the co-founder and editor ofChinese Literature Todaymagazine and book series and the Deputy Director of the Center for the Study of China's Literature Abroad at Beijing Normal University, and the 2015 Poet in Residence of Beijing University. Dr. Stalling's work explores the spaces between English and Chinese language and culture and includesPoetics of Emptiness (Fordham University Press), Grotto Heaven (Chax Press), Yingelishi (Counterpath Press), Winter Sun: The Poetry of Shi Zhi (Oklahoma University Press), and Lost Wax (TinFish Press), andThe Chinese Character as a Medium for Poetry (Fordham UP) co-edited with Haun Saussy and Lucas Klein. Dr.Stalling's opera “Yingelishi (吟歌丽诗)was performed at Yunnan University in 2010. In recent years, Dr. Stalling created a new system for transcribing English into Chinese Characters without phonetic distortion and is currently working on a host of software applications and mobile learning environments that employ his interlanguage innovations collectively known as Sinophonics.