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Library Service Center

Library Service Center

The Library Service Center houses over 500,000 volumes of materials and microform and is the processing center for newly acquired materials. Materials stored in the Library Service Center may be requested through Sooner Xpress.

Tours are available by appointment. Contact Jenny Watson at (405) 325-1918 for assistance.

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2601 Technology Place
Norman, OK 73071
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to retrieve materials from storage?

Currently requests by OU library users are typically filled through Sooner Xpress in 1-2 working days.  Generally, materials requested in the early morning are available by the afternoon, and materials requested in the afternoon are available the next working day.


Can non-affiliated users request materials from storage?


Non-affiliated users can request materials using this form.


Are tours of the facility available?


Yes.  Please contact us at (405) 325-1918 to arrange a visit.


Can I get materials on the weekend?


Materials requested over the weekend will be processed on the next working day.


Where can I find out where materials are held?


You may find where materials are held by using Discover Local (catalog).


What happens when I request an article from a journal held in storage?


Articles will be retrieved, scanned and delivered to your desktop via Sooner Xpress.


What happens when I request an entire issue or volume, or several volumes, of a journal held in storage? Is the process the same for books?


The item(s) you request will be delivered to you via Sooner Xpress.


Can material be returned to campus if it is heavily requested?


Heavily requested materials will be considered for return to the main campus collections.


Can I request that storage materials be placed on reserve for a class?


Most storage materials may be placed on reserve for a class. Use our reserves service to request that materials be placed on reserve.  Please plan ahead and allow at least two weeks for items you would like to have on reserve at the beginning of a semester; requests are handled strictly in the order they are received.


What kind of materials are stored in the Library Service Center?


The majority of the microfilm and microform collections are stored in the Library Service Center as well as the Government Documents Collection and low circulation serials and monographs from Bizzell Memorial Library, the branch libraries, and Special Collections.




Wi-Fi Access

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Wi-Fi access is available in all rooms of the library. Instructors and students can access the internet by wirelessly connecting to the University's wi-fi network.