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Data Services

DAVIS is located in the Zarrow Center for Faculty and Graduate Students
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Bizzell Memorial Library, Zarrow Family Faculty and Graduate Student Center
401 W Brooks St.
Norman, OK 73019
United States

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Open Office hours will be held over the Summer Term subject 
to travel of our specials  

Check Open Office Hours below for details.   

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The Data Services Unit, formerly known as the Data, Analytics, Visualization, and Informatics Syndicate, supports OU community members with their data needs. Consult with specialists and graduate assistants who are familiar with working with data, including management, analysis and visualization. With the ability to ask questions and receive guidance, Data Services is the focal point to help faculty, researchers, and students work with their data.

Topics Data Services Consults On

Information Specialists will host open office hours where faculty, graduate students and staff are encouraged to visit and ask questions. 

Assistance is available for the following:

How to Connect with Data Services

Please contact the Information Specialist you are interested in working with directly to schedule an appointment.

Open Office Hours
The  on-line Zoom links are available for virtual open office hour sessions. In-person drop-ins are located in the Data Services space (formerly DAVIS) at the front of the Graduate Student Focus room area located in Lower Level II in Bizzell.

Monday, Thursday, Friday
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Bizzell Library
Lower Level II 
Room 2102

University Libraries Research and Data Workshops

OU Libraries offers workshops targeted to researchers of all levels (students, postdocs, faculty, and staff) to increase working efficiency with understanding of research and data better practices. Workshops focus on a broadly targeted mix of concepts and tools.

  • Areas
    • Survival Skills
    • Better Practices
    • Workflow Tools
    • Library Instruction

E-mail Lists for Data Services News/Office Hour changes and UL Workshops

Several email lists have been created for those who are interested in receiving more information regarding up-coming University Libraries workshops and news and hours related to Data Services. In addition, changes in the open office hours will be sent to the list. You can add and/or remove your email from these lists at your convenience.  Data Services email list signup.  UL workshops email list signup.

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Wi-Fi access is available in all rooms of the library. Instructors and students can access the internet by wirelessly connecting to the University's wi-fi network.