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The Discovery Services department is responsible for the management and upkeep of library service platforms and software. These responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • maintaining the appearance and functionality of the public-facing discovery layer and link resolver (Discover);
  • managing the access and authentication software (EZProxy) that enables access to library resources from off-campus;
  • administration of the library service platform (Alma);
  • administration of the inventory control software (Zasio) used at OU Libraries' offsite storage facilities;
  • administration of the Lean Library research tool.




Discover (2022)

 Search Type  # of Searches
 advanced search  264,308
 basic search  138,341
 Operating System  Sessions
 Android  7,544
 Chrome OS  7,655
 Linux  1,784
 Mac  213,047
 Windows  280,982
 iOS  19,474
Device Used for Access Percentage
 laptop/PC  95%
 mobile  5%
 Resource Type  # Accessed
 e-books  56,3787
 journals and newspapers  311,213
 maps  31
 music  297
 visual material  2,162


Provides off-campus users with proxied access to 375 databases and thousands of e-resources. EZProxy facilitates access to over 3,500 e-resource domains.



Software used for space management in off-site storage facility, the Library Service Center (LSC.) The specific bay, aisle, shelf, and box location are tracked for each item placed in high-density storage so that it can be quickly and easily retrieved, when requested.

  • 7,180 items were ingested at the LSC, last year.
  • 427,954 item records currently being managed in Zasio.

Team Members

Cari Davis


Cari Davis, MLIS
Systems Librarian
Head of Discovery Services